2012 Connectathon Archives

At the IHE NA Connectathon 2012, held January 9-14, 2012, in the basement of the Chicago Hyatt Regency, IHE USA hosted an interoperability testing event to promote the adoption of standards-based interoperability by vendors and users of healthcare information systems.

IHE NA Connectathon 2012 was Health IT’s largest interoperability testing event:

  • 117 Organizations Participated
  • 169 Test Systems
  • Over 450 engineers and IT architects were in attendance
  • Tested 8 of the 13 clinical operational domains represented in IHE
  • 4,572 Tests Completed
  • 1,580 profile/actor pairs tested

The Scene

“Rows of tables in the lowest level of the Hyatt Regency Chicago were crammed with computers and gadgetry, medical and otherwise, and the enormous room hummed with the energy of I.T. creators doing their favorite thing: getting stuff to work. Participants hunched over their screens with coffee and Coke to sustain them, or clustered in conversation in the aisles. Orange-vested monitors roamed the room checking on everyone's progress.

More than 5,000 different connections were made among the participating systems, accomplishing tens of thousands of transactions. The event represented about $2.4 million worth of programming time, according to organizers, not including the pre-event preparation and set-up, and any time spent by staff back at the vendors' home offices.” (Health Data Management, Elizabeth Gardner, March 1, 2012)

Benefits of Participation

“Several engineers, with companies that have attended every year, noted that this is the best opportunity to converge and collaborate – find a partner, share development tips, hack code and walk through challenges in development together as part of real-time problem solving.

For many participants – in fact, another record number – the work this week [January 9-14, 2012] prepares them to move on to demonstrate end-to-end use cases in the HIMSS12 Interoperability Showcase, produced in collaboration with IHE USA. HIMSS Interoperability Showcases allow visitors to see a clinical continuum of care, demonstrated through multiple clinically accurate use case scenarios simulating healthcare environments such as ambulatory, hospital/provider, emergency, chronic care, public health and more.” (James St. Clair’s HIMSS Blog, January 13, 2013)

Looking Forward - IHE NA Connectathon 2013

Interested in participating in the IHE NA Connectathon 2013, please see the IHE USA Connectathon Registration page for more information or contact us at Connectathon@ihe.net. Registration opens in the fall 2012.