Registration Opens September 14, 2015

Anticipation for the IHE North American (NA) Connectathon 2016 is running high. Prepare now for open registration beginning Sepetember 14, 2015 and closing October 9, 2015.

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IHE Connectathon System Fees

Missed IHE NA Connectathon 2015? Prepare for your organizations participation at the next IHE NA Connectathon! Registration will open in September.

  • Baseline fee: Organization registering one (1) system incurs a charge of $8700 USD
  • Additional fees: Organization incurs a charge of $4700 USD for each additional system registered

Each organization is provided one (1) 6’ x 30” table, two (2) padded chairs, internet access, and one (1) power strip with 4 outlets to provide 1500 Watts (120 volts) /standard electrical service for every one (1) system registered in Gazelle.


Would you like to speak with an IHE USA representative to learn more about the IHE NA Connectathon? Please contact us at