What is an IHE Connectathon?

Connectathons are a cross-vendor, live, supervised and structured testing event where vendors test implementations of IHE Profiles defined in IHE's Technical Frameworks.

  • Tests are evaluated on interoperability and conformance to IHE Profiles.
  • Testing is overseen by our technical managers and team of trained monitors.

IHE Connectathons provide an unparalleled opportunity for interoperability testing and problem resolution. Listen to what our test participants are saying about the value of IHE Connectathons! View video >>

IHE North American Connectathon

The NA Connectathon is 5 intense days of interoperability testing with 550+ engineers. View our infographic to discover what happens onsite. Is your crew up to the challenge?

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2.0 Million Testing Transactions at North American Connectathon

Thousands of vendor-to-vendor connections have been tested overall, and tens of thousands of transactions passed among the systems tested. IHE publishes all Participants' successful Connectathon testing results for public review in the IHE Connectathon Results Database.

General Benefits of Connectathon Testing

Reduce Development Costs and Time to Market:

  • Debug systems within minutes leveraging a broad cross-section of industry partners on-site
  • Leverage 15 years of test tools developed in partnership with IHE and NIST

Build Quality into your Products:

  • Implement best practices using IHE Integration Profiles to enable key interoperability capabilities
  • IHE's structured, supervised and independent testing environment ensures the highest quality products

Meet Industry's Standards for Interoperability:

  • Prepare for Meaningful Use Stage II and Stage III certification requirements focused on Consolidated CDA integration
  • Prepare for integration with key North American initiatives that leverage IHE Profiles
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