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Advance Interoperability in the US!

You can impact the national health IT agenda by actively participating in IHE USA’s committees focused on implementation, education and certification.

IHE USA – An Established and Growing Leader in the US Health IT Industry

IHE USA is a leader in advancing interoperable solutions and testing programs in the US. IHE USA's committees will further IHE USA’s mission to drive adoption of standards-based interoperability to improve patient care through innovation, standards profiling, testing, education and collaboration. IHE USA Case Study Application | Submit Online

Submit Your Organization's Case Study

IHE USA is looking to collect real-life case studies that demonstrate the direct impact IHE profiles have on patient care. Submit your case study using our online application. Selected case studies will be featured on our website.

All case studies must meet the following requirements:

  1. Case study must be implemented in the U.S.
  2. Case study must incorporate use of IHE Profiles or standards

Additional questions or comments can be sent via email to Nancy Ramirez at