mHealth Plug-a-Thon at IHE NA Connectathon

IHE USA held a new connectivity event in parallel with the renowned IHE North American (NA) Connectathon 2018. The mHealth Plug-a-Thon was an exciting opportunity for the Health Apps community to technically interact with the APIs of health IT product solutions in the interest of exploring, learning and testing information exchange between these two realms.  Participants were from health IT companies and companies currently serving as “mHealth enablers” with middleware products designed to provide some connectivity “glue."  The mhealth Plug-a-Thon was also an opportunity to try out standardized APIs that are well positioned to play a critical role in enabling Apps to connect to a variety of sources of patient health data, such as: IHE Profiles based on HL7 FHIR®; DICOM web APIs that offer access to image data; and Medical Device APIs.

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Event Objectives: 

  • Establish an “Apps-API” testing opportunity distinct from the “classical IHE Connectathon” for maturing the connectivity between Apps and legacy health IT products.
  • Secondarily, introduce the healthcare industry’s Apps and middleware product developers to the IHE Connectathon rigor and standards-based API’s enabled by IHE, DICOM, HL7 and other standards development organizations.  

Systems and applications included:

  • mHealth Apps running on personal smartphones or “in the cloud” 
  • Apps-API connectivity middleware products
  • Health IT systems providing API’s for data interchange with external systems