Devices on FHIR

Devices on FHIR®: January 23, 2020
Co-located at the IHE North American Connectathon

The Devices on FHIR track ensures semantically consistent device information exchange whether achieved using current Patient Care Devices (PCD) HL7 V2-based messaging or HL7 FHIR®-based resources and profiles. Devices on FHIR is a collaborative effort that unites activities underway in HL7ContinuaIHE USA and IHE International. Read below to learn more about the track benefits and goals for participation. 

Review the registration fees and participation requirements online and register today.  

What is Devices on FHIR®?

HL7 FHIR is a content definition standard that uses web-based technologies (e.g., HTTP or XML) to exchange standardized device data. The standard is undergoing testing to connect medical devices to each other and Electronic Health Record systems. Devices from hospitals (e.g., physiological monitors or infusion pumps), patient care devices (e.g., thermometer, weight scale, pulse oximeter or ECG monitor), and personal health devices (e.g. fitness trackers, home digital blood pressure cuffs) are all a part of the Devices on FHIR effort.

Track Benefits:

  • Gain hands-on experience using HL7 FHIR technologies
  • Learn about the latest standards-based technologies in device data exchange
  • Understand device information for both patient care devices and acute care systems
  • Receive hands-on, interactive training and “plugging” time
  • Establish new connectivity partnerships in the health information and technology ecosystem
  • Discuss, test and develop connectivity options for targeted use cases
  • Help to inform future standards development work by IHE and HL7

Track Goals:

  • Engage application developers to integrate device-sourced content
  • Identify issues / gaps with Devices on FHIR specifications
  • Identify extended capabilities for Devices on FHIR
  • Understand how IHE can better integrate Devices on FHIR into its technical frameworks and related activities

Learn more about the registration fees and participation requirements online or register today.


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