Implementing COVID-19 Vaccine Credentialing Initiatives in the Asia-Pacific Region

Thursday, July 15th at 6 AM CT / 1 PM CEST/ 4:30 PM IST / 7 PM CST/8 PM Tokyo

Every nation understands that implementing effective COVID19-related vaccine credentialing programs will play a crucial role in the re-opening of their economies in a post-pandemic world. The adoption of vaccination credentialing software will rely on deep appreciation of the unique people, process and technology needs that will need to be addressed for the implementation to succeed. In this Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability listening session, public and private stakeholders from India, Hong Kong and Japan will share their countries’ experiences driving the successful adoption of digital health resources like vaccine credentialing programs to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Mr. Lav Agarwal

Joint Secretary

India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Dr. Tomoya Myojin

Nara Medical University

Department of Public Health, Health Management and Policy

Dr. Wing Nam Wong

Chief Manager (Electronic Health Record)

Hong Kong Hospital Authority

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