Standards Acceleration

Standards Acceleration Initiatives at the 2020 IHE North American Connectathon

Alternative Testing Tracks

Dates: January 21-23, 2020

Location: The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Ohio 
IHE USA offers additional interoperability testing services at the IHE North American Connectathon beyond “Classic” IHE Connectathon testing to support key standards-based interoperability industry initiatives like FHIR® and accelerate the development of new, implementable profiles. Leverage access to IHE’s test tools, infrastructure, and the testing floor of the 2020 IHE NA Connectathon to advance coordinated patient care and improve connectivity. Conduct real-time testing with your partners, interface with global interoperability subject matter experts, as well as with potentially over 100 of the industry’s top health IT vendors on-site to support your project. The IHE NA Connectathon’s safe and controlled testing environment allows organizations to collaborate, and quickly test, debug, and re-test systems to accelerate system interoperability and implementation. Learn more about the benefits and how to participate at the 2020 IHE NA Connectathon. 
Alternative Testing Tracks
Mobile Health Track 
IHE is advancing standards in medical devices and mobile health. The Personal Connected Health Alliance is one of IHE International's newest members and in sponsoring an interactive 1-day session in collaboration with the HL7 Mobile Health Workgroup and the IHE International Devices Domain.
  • Standards and profile acceleration discussion with IHE, HL7, and HIMSS leaders
  • Challenges for Mobile App and Device Developers
  • Mobile App Workgroup Discussion
  • Profile Proposal Process Presentation
  • CODE for Health Interactive Demonstration
  • Breakout Sessions
Target audience: Those stakeholders with interest in the use of, or development of mobile apps and devices in healthcare settings.
Public Health
Join IHE profiling experts as well as industry leads from the CDC and other public health agencies that are looking to accelerate new IHE profiles and emerging HL7 FHIR® public health implementation guides. Participate in advancing public health projects that make an impact in the US and across the globe. 
  • WHO: Computable Care Guidelines Workshop
  • VRDR: Project testing involves the exchange of FHIR® based documents and responses between several state agencies and the CDC and NCHS
  • CDC Cancer Registry testing to receive FHIR® documents from states. 
  • SMART-on-FHIR testing FHIR® to inform cause of death from the EMR
  • Formalizing testing of the Occupational Data for Health (ODH) structure, impacting USCDI content and the use of ODH data for Social Determinants of Health. 
Target audience: Those stakeholders with interest in the use of, or development of standards, and profile guides for public health reporting, registry reporting, computable care guidelines, or social determinants of health. 
Testing and Tools Summit (Invitation Only) - January 23, 2020
Advancing interoperability is a multi-stakeholder effort. The adoption and effective implementation of IHE Profiles and other world class standards relies upon a robust and ever-expanding set of testing tools, which tend to be complex, expensive, and resource intensive. This year's North American Connectathon will host a one day Testing and Tools Summit that includes some of the key players in the testing and tooling ecosystem including leaders from IHE, HL7, ONC, NIST, and others. The goal of this summit is to convene the key stakeholders, share plans, and attempt to drive further coordination and alignment between complimentary efforts.
Morning Session: The morning sessions will provide an introduction and overview of the day's agenda, as well as an opportunity to hear from all of the gathered participants. The morning sessions will provide an opportunity to collect input for a test tool environmental scan, which will subsequently be shared with publicly with the community. Particpants will gain a stronger understanding of what organizations and agencies are in the space, identify leaders and key personnel driving these tooling initiatives, and get exposure to an industry-wide inventory of available test tools.
Afternoon Session: The afternoon sessions will focus on organizational priorities and goals, discussing any known gaps or outstanding issues, and developing a collaborative roadmap to share with the industry.