IHE USA comments on Section V, questions 1, 2 and 8 of the Interoperability Standards Advisory

2 years ago

On April 13, 2017, IHE USA submit comments to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology in response to the 2017 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA). Below are the comments IHE USA submitted to ONC. Read IHE USA’s full comments online.

  1. IHE USA finds that it would be beneficial if ONC defines a plan for version control for web-based content.
  2. IHE USA suggests it would be valuable to include hyperlinks, when applicable, to the regulation associated with a federally required standard/implementation specification.
  3. IHE USA suggests that the home button should navigate to the Introduction section to the ISA.
  4. IHE USA recommends that these comments will be clearly marked as User Comments, rather than official ISA content. For commenters not interested in disclosing this information, an anonymous option should be considered.
  5. IHE USA recommends that ONC include links to use cases. This would be helpful information to include with Interoperability Needs to highlight their value.
  6. IHE USA suggests that ONC should work in collaboration with other organizations to further align standards to better highlight the ISA tool within their communities.
  7. IHE USA suggests adding a resource page to highlight these examples or adding an open comment area focused on sharing the value of the ISA.
  8. IHE USA recommends that ONC considers using a marketing consultant to better reach these audiences.
  9. IHE USA suggests the removal of the words “best available” as it is detrimental to the nationwide adoption and use of interoperability standards.
  10. IHE USA suggests that ONC explore the addition of mobile health as a specific section including standards that may differ for the mobile health environment.
  11. IHE USA suggests adding additional Social Determinants of Health (SDOHs) as detailed in IHE USA’s comments.



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