Qvera shares their experience at the IHE NA Connectathon 2017

5 years 4 months ago

IHE Connectathons provide participants (and their clients) the ability to use the IHE Profiles to exchange Healthcare information with many different vendors in a collaborative environment.

“These great opportunities to work together with other Healthcare IT vendors in a collaborative environment, engineer-to-engineer,” said Qvera’s CTO Ron Shapiro. “Face-to-face meetings have a way of facilitating problem solving in an incredibly efficient manner. We’ve solved problems in minutes instead of months outside the Connectathon events.”

Ron and his engineering team continue to help set standards for Healthcare IT interoperability, because Qvera considers IHE Connectathons to be an integral part of Qvera’s product development process. The most recent Connectathon provided a big breakthrough for Qvera and their IT interoperability clients.

In his own words: “Every Connectathon event seems to stretch and expand the Healthcare IT knowledge for each of the Qvera engineers who participate. Now don’t get me wrong, in order to stretch and grow, that means you have to be pushed to the limit and be fully in the moment during the Connectathon week.

Sometimes problems pile up on you and the stress level begins to rise, but with this stress can come some big breakthroughs or big wins. Such was the case this past Connectathon event for Qvera.” Read full article.



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