IHE North American Connectathon and
HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Webinars

Devices on FHIR® Webinar
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IHE USA is proud to announce a new testing project at the North American (NA) Connectathon 2017. Devices on FHIR® is a collaborative effort to ensure semantically consistent device information exchange whether it is achieved using current Patient Care Devices (PCD) HL7 Version 2-based messaging or HL7 FHIR-based resources & profiles. Active participants include HL7, IHE USA, IHE International, Continua, and the Personal Collected Health Alliance.

IHE NA Connectathon Test Preparation Webinar
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System registration has officially closed, now it’s time to start preparing for the IHE North American Connectathon 2017. In preparation, IHE USA hosted a webinar where Steve Moore, Technical Project Manager, discussed the technical requirements for the testing event and best practices to ensure your success come January 2017. 

IHE NA Connectathon 2017: Registration Kick Off
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IHE USA will kicked off IHE North American (NA) Connectathon 2017 system registration on September 12, 2016 and closed on October 7, 2016. This webinar focuses on on the requirements for IHE NA Connectathon testing, the registration process, and key deadlines for participation. 

IHE NA Connectathon and HIMSS Interoperability Showcase: An Introduction
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Learn how your organization can advance standards-based interoperability on this information webinar that speaks to the new features and structure of the IHE North American Connectathon and HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. Download the event recording to learn what it takes to get involved, the benefits of participation, and how to engage throughout IHE USA and HIMSS' registration processes.