Path to Production: EMS eOutcomes Interoperability

Path to Production: Advancing Interoperability for Emergency Medicine Services

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IHE USA's Path to Production is a use case-focused series of digital events to support healthcare-focused organizations at all levels of maturity. Learn more about key interoperability challenges and how to deploy interoperability using existing and emerging HL7 and IHE standards and profiles.

This free-to-attend digital series with on-demand interoperability educational content provides a space for community building and knowledge transfer, a forum for collective problem solving, and guidance on effectively deploying real-world digital health solutions. 

IHE USA (powered by HIMSS) and NEMSIS (powered by NHTSA’s Office of EMS) are partnering to advance interoperability for EMS Systems to better support First Responders, Emergency Medicine Services, and Disaster Response. The EMS community can advance interoperability by leveraging existing interoperability standards, regulatory building blocks, and health IT infrastructure which will accelerate the modernization of EMS systems and improved interoperability to inform analytics, business intelligence and improved patient health outcomes.


NEMSIS & IHE EMS eOutcomes Task Force Schedule 

Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 11a–12:30p MT
May 11, Jun 8, Jul 13, Aug 10, Sep 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14

  • Feb 16: Identifying data exchange partners and establishing relationships
  • Mar 9: Governmental, regulatory, and contractual environment
  • Apr 13: Regulatory environment and national networks recap
  • Healthcare data standards
  • Technical standards and profiles to use in data exchanges
  • Data elements to be shared and parsed
  • APIs
  • Sequence of interactions/workflow
  • Patient identification and record matching

Questions about participating in any of these initiatives can be directed to


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