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IHE Profiles: A Framework for Interoperability

IHE Profiles provide a standards-based framework for sharing information within care settings and across networks by addressing critical interoperability issues related to the following important key areas:

  • Information Access for Care Providers and Patients
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Privacy & Security
  • Administration
  • IT Infrastructure

Each IHE Profile describes a clinical requirement and solution for systems integration. It defines functional components, called IHE Actors, by specifying in careful detail the transactions each IHE Actor must perform, based on standards such as DICOM, HL7 and many others. This detailed information allows health IT professionals to implement IHE Profiles into health IT systems.

IHE Profiles are documented meticulously into IHE’s Technical Frameworks, detailed technical specifications that serve as implementation guides to achieve effective systems integration. IHE’s Technical Frameworks are free to the public and found on IHE International's website.

Want to learn how to read an IHE Technical Framework or IHE Profile?
Read the IHE Users Quick Reference Guide


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