IHE Process

IHE International brings together users and developers of healthcare IT in an annually recurring four-step process:

  1. Clinical and technical experts define critical use cases for information sharing.
  2. Technical experts create detailed specifications for communication among systems to address these use cases, selecting and optimizing established standards.
  3. Industry implements these specifications called IHE Profiles in health IT systems.
  4. IHE tests vendor's systems at carefully planned and supervised events called IHE Connectathons. IHE USA is the sponsor of the IHE North American Connectathon
IHE Process

IHE also organizes demonstrations of IHE-compliant systems working in real-world clinical scenarios at health IT meetings and venues across the globe. Visit the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase to learn more about U.S. and global demonstrations.

Want to Learn More About IHE?

Check out this helpful blog post from IHE IT Infrastructure Co-Chair John Moehrke that's full of great resources!


We are glad to assist you. Please contact IHE USA at Connectathon@ihe.net or join the IHE USA Newsletter to stay connected with the latest IHE news and updates.


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