IHE USA’s Path to Production: Phase 1 - Identifying the Problem

Wednesday, January 26 to Thursday January 27, 2022

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT


IHE USA’s Path to Production Series is a use case-focused bi-monthly digital event where healthcare-focused organizations at all levels of maturity learn more about key interoperability challenges, the vast array of developer tools and resources available, and how to deploy interoperability using existing and emerging standards and profiles.

This digital series provides a space for community knowledge transfer, a forum for collective problem solving, free interoperability global goods resource development, and guidance on effectively deploying real-world digital health solutions.

In 2022, IHE USA will focus on driving actionable progress on discrete interoperability challenges related to improving maternal health. Each of IHE USA’s Standards Acceleration tracks will explore the theme of maternal health through the different frames of personal, local, and global health.

Personal Health
Focused on patient facing and consumer applications/devices
2022 Themes: Health at Home, Consumer Health, Remote Patient Monitoring

Local Health
Focused on local community, regional, and state-based interoperability issues and supporting requirements for 21st Century Cures Act

2022 Themes: Community Health, Smart Cities/Smart States, Public Health Modernization

Global Health
Focused on global interoperability initiatives that can be replicated with varying resource availability around the world
2022 Themes: International Patient Summary, Vaccine Credentialing, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Phase 1 of the Path to Production is Identifying the Problem. How do we collectively define the problem that we are working to solve? When we talk about these interoperability problems, are we all describing the same thing?

This January 2022 event begins a shared journey for key clinical, industry, and policy thought leaders to find consensus around how to describe the problem.

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