Never Trust, Always Verify - Zero Trust in 2021 

2021 HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community Meeting 

Many healthcare organization leaders we speak to are actively evolving their security strategy beyond the traditional four walls of the hospital. The traditional access model assumed that anyone within the network perimeter was considered trusted, and anyone outside that perimeter untrusted. With the shift to accessing the network from anywhere, this is no longer a viable model when resources are moving to the cloud and your workforce (providers, staff, contractors, partners) need secure access from any network or device to keep hospital operations running. As the traditional network perimeter disappears, it’s identity that becomes the new control plane to manage secure access across users, devices, and networks.
What are some of the best practices for ensuring your IAM strategy aligns with your plans for zero trust? How has the reliance on cloud-based services and mobile devices made verifying identity harder, especially considering the current “work-from-home” landscape? Join Adam Crown of Okta, offering thoughts on Zero Trust, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and how to ensure that the organization’s data and users are protected, no matter where they are.

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