IHE Devices Domain Approves Two NEW IHE Profile Brief Proposals

2 years 8 months ago

THE IHE Devices domain is excited to announce the approval of two NEW IHE Profile Brief Proposals:

Automatic Linking of Remote Patient Monitoring into Patient Reported Outcome Measures 

Mainstream adoption of remote patient monitoring requires engaging with players driven by a strong sense of practicality. This brand-new set of players will require brand-new value propositions with very pragmatic solutions to meet social obligations and/or a quantifiable return on investment. Observation data must become useful information, providing the right data at the right time so that it is clinically relevant to symptom management workflows thereby reducing clinical burdens.

Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) to Manage Hypertension

SMBP provides the best method to assess resting blood pressure while engaging the patient in active self-management and shared decision making with the clinical team. The role of technology and specifically remote blood pressure monitoring is essential in the effective management of hypertension but also requires the correct analytics and data presentation to the care-team and patient.

IHE Devices Domain Background

The Devices Domain (DEV) was created in 2019 as an expansion of the original Patient Care Device Domain (PCD). Along with regulated Patient Care Device, DEV now includes Personal Connected Health (PCH) and the Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (DPi). These three groups are mostly autonomous Programs with the Devices Domain.


For questions or more information visit the Devices Domain (DEV) wiki page or contact the Devices Domain Secretariat, Sarah Bell at Sarah.Bell@HIMSS.org.

How to Participate

Visit www.ihe.net for more information or visit the link here to get involved!

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