IHE launches IHE Catalyst to Accelerate Interoperability Adoption

2 years 5 months ago

IHE-Europe and IHE USA jointly announced the creation of IHE Catalyst, a not-for-profit entity set to accelerate deployment and adoption of IHE to deliver interoperability quality in Health, adding additional value to the IHE Ecosystem.
IHE Catalyst will work actively and support IHE Connectathons worldwide and will drive investments on the IHE Gazelle testing management platform and testing tools together with major tooling contributors such as Kereval, NIST, ArtDecor, MITRE/Inferno, PCHA etc.  

“IHE Catalyst is inheriting and expanding 10-year worth of experience and successes of IHE Services. IHE Services operations are in the process of being merged into IHE Catalyst”, states Charles Parisot, past Chair of IHE-Services, adding that “this will ensure a smooth transition and retention of unique expertise demonstrated by IHE-Services over the past year having deployed large-scale interoperability by close to 20 national and regional eHealth projects”.


Chris Carr, IHE International secretary, shares: “The creation of IHE Catalyst strongly builds upon the IHE international ecosystem of the IHE Domains, the IHE Connectathons, Standards-based Profiling, and Testing”.

“As such IHE Catalyst will support IHE operational activities worldwide, like IHE Connectathon(s) planning, tooling, and technical operations to deliver and support test platforms to eHealth projects and programmes, to drive investments in eHealth projects and to accelerate rigorous testing adoption, including IHE Conformity Assessment”, adds Joyce Sensmeier, RN, President of IHE USA.

Andreas Klingler, IHE-Europe vendor co-chair, is thrilled about the perspective that “IHE Catalyst is set to broaden the reach of the IHE Ecosystem to Regional and National eHealth Organisations, Standardardisation bodies, Vendors, and Users by facilitating adoption of IHE Profiles by eHealth projects, further expanding the IHE value chain to deployment validation.” 

IHE stakeholders, anywhere in the world, can now find an even stronger needed support in the realisation of their interoperability strategies by leveraging the testing tools and associated services by IHE Catalyst”, concludes Claudio Saccavini, IHE Catalyst General Manager. Check out more here.

IHE Catalyst is an international not-for-profit association registered in Belgium. Get in touch with IHE CatalystClaudio Saccavini, General Manager or Alexander Berler, Director.

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