IHE USA Board Member, Steve Drew Embarks on Retirement

2 years 5 months ago

The New Year ushers in change. After 12 years of serving as Vice President of IHE USA and a member of its board, Steve Drew, Assistant Executive Director of Meetings and Convention Services, Informatics at RSNA, has retired from his duties as of January 1, 2022. Under his leadership, IHE USA experienced considerable growth and navigated significant advancements. Drew has offered his expertise and guidance to enable IHE USA to instantiate the North American Connectathon which has grown to become the largest interoperability testing event in the United States.

IHE USA is pleased to announce that Chris Carr, Director of Informatics at RSNA, has been appointed to finish out Drew’s term in 2022 as IHE USA’s Vice President. Carr helped to found IHE International and has provided his expertise and support for more than twenty years as the IHE International Secretary, and more recently as IHE’s liaison to the IHE USA Board. Joyce Sensmeier, IHE USA president, welcomes Carr to his new Vice President role as an officer and member of the board, and looks forward to working with him in advancing IHE USA’s vision and mission into the future.   

As Steve embarks on retirement, IHE USA would like to applaud him for his incredible accomplishments on behalf of IHE, and sincerely thank him for his contribution to the organization.


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