Phase 2 - Understand the Impact

Wednesday, March 30 to Thursday, March 31, 2022


IHE USA’s Path to Production Series is a use case-focused bi-monthly digital event where healthcare-focused organizations at all levels of maturity can learn more about key interoperability challenges, the vast array of developer tools and resources available, and how to deploy interoperability using existing and emerging standards and profiles.   This free-to-attend digital series provides a space for community knowledge transfer, a forum for collective problem solving, free interoperability global goods resource development, and guidance on effectively deploying real-world digital health solutions. Join with us on the path as we work together to bridge the existing classical interoperability infrastructure to a world of open-API-and-FHIR®-driven health information exchange from problem identification to implementing practical solutions.

Phase 2 of the Path to Production is Understanding the Impact. This event is the next step along a year-long exploration of specific interoperability use cases focused on maternal health, emergency response and preparedness, and public health data re


We have defined discrete interoperability problems we want to resolve, now what?  The next event in this cycle focuses on understanding the impact of these discrete interoperability problems across multiple healthcare industry segments.  What are their impacts on a global level, a local level, a personal level?

This March 2022 event continues a shared journey for key clinical, industry, and policy thought leaders to find consensus around how to describe the problem.

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