IHE Plug-a-thons Drive Innovation Forward

Plug-a-thon registration will open in Fall 2018.

Four new Plug-a-thon tracks were added to the IHE NA Connectathon. The tracks are focused on innovative health IT technologies including mHealth, Blockchain - Healthcare, Devices on FHIR and the Internet of Things - Medical. Each track explores and will create new capabilities for products to interoperate with each other within or across IT realms of the healthcare ecosystem. Learn more about each Plug-a-thon track.  

The Plug-a-thons provide a venue for connectivity options and opportunities to be discussed and developed by partner systems for targeted use cases, plus introductory presentations to increase awareness of existing health IT standards that can be leveraged. The Plug-a-thon tracks run January 16-18, 2018. The specific dates for each track are listed below. 

Download the Plug-a-thon webinar recording and slides to hear directly from our technical experts leading each track. 

IHE USA is Proud to Announce the Plug-a-thon Tracks in 2018:

Devices on FHIR®: January 16-17, 2018

The Devices on FHIR Plug-a-thon is in its second year and designed to ensure semantically consistent device information exchange whether achieved using current Patient Care Devices (PCD) HL7 Version 2-based messaging or HL7 FHIR®-based resources and profiles. Devices on FHIR is a collaborative effort that unites activities underway in HL7, ContinuaIHE USA and IHE International.

New! Internet of Things - Medical: January 16-17, 2018

The Internet of Things - Medical is a collaborative effort aimed to explore this new tier of connectivity grounded in the growing number of medical equipment, facility and resource management solutions promoting sensory information.  Real-time tracking of medical resources offers a wealth of possibilities to improve hospital operations and facility management.

New! Blockchain - Healthcare: January 17-18, 2018

Explore and learn more about the new emerging connectivity solution that serves as the technological underpinning of the bitcoin phenomenon that creates continuous streams of healthcare information across the medical ecosystem.

mHealth: January 17-18, 2018

The mHealth Plug-a-thon is in its second year and will continue to connect the new, prolific generation mobile solutions including smartphone apps, internet cloud storage, and similar technologies, with today’s current source of healthcare data; the health systems, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).    

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