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Education and Networking Opportunities to Empower Health IT

With hundreds of the industry’s top standards and health IT experts in one place, IHE USA offers turn-key educational programs and networking events to support collaboration and professional development. Attend the IHE Experience Day and standards acceleration education to gain exclusive access to the IHE Connectathon testing floor, industry subject matter experts, and information on tools and resources to support your interoperability initiatives.

IHE Experience Day and Standards Acceleration Programs

This year IHE North America and IHE Europe are hosting the first joint IHE Connectathon from September 12-16, 2022. In addition to the “classic” Connectathon experience, IHE USA has curated three days of interoperability education and discussions. Join us for the IHE Experience + Standards Acceleration Programming in Atlanta, Georgia from September 13-16, 2022.

  • Tuesday, September 13: IHE (Global) Experience Day
  • Wednesday, September 14: Standards Acceleration Program Day 1
  • Thursday, September 15: Standards Acceleration Program Day 2


IHE Experience Day 2022: Tuesday, September 13

Enabling Digital Transformation in Healthcare:

Establishing the Bridge with IHE and FHIR®

The Connectathon Week Programming starts with the IHE Experience Day – specially curated interoperability sessions providing interoperability stakeholders an opportunity to hear perspectives from expert’s leading digital health programs across the globe. Learn about solutions that leverage IHE, FHIR® and other world class standards – and how they have benefited system developers, vendors, users, procurement organizations and government agencies in the US and across the world.


IHE Experience Day: Tuesday September 13, 2022

Enabling Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Using IHE And FHIR® to Establish the Bridge





Welcome to the IHE Experience Day and the Connectathon

Chris Carr - Director of Informatics at RSNA, IHE USA Vice President; IHE International - Secretary


Opening Keynote: Interoperability Call to Action – the Big Picture and Next Steps to Enable Digital Transformation

Christina Caraballo - Vice President, Informatics, HIMSS; IHE International – Board of Directors


Atlanta – Montreux Joint Programming



Artificial Intelligence in Practice demonstrated at RSNA


Mohannad Hussain - Technical Manager of SIIM Hackathon and RSNA Imaging AI in Practice Demonstration

Dr. Katherine Andriole - Director of Research at the MGB Center for Clinical Data Science, RSNA Machine Learning Steering and Data Standards Committees


GCeHI (Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability)*


Jürgen Brandstätter (Moderator) - IHE Representative in the GCeHI Executive Board

Walter G. Suarez, MD - Exec. Director, Kaiser Permanente; Chair, GCeHI; Vice-Chair (Former Chair), HL7 International Board of Directors;  HIMSS Americas Advisory Board

Tom Leary - Senior Vice President & Head of Government Relations, HIMSS


International Patient Summary, IHE and HL7 FHIR - checks and balances*


Grahame Grieve - Principal at Health Intersections Pty Ltd, HL7 working group Co-Chair


GDHP (Global Digital Health Partnership) Update*

Steven Posnack (USA) - Deputy National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)

Annatina Foppa (CH) - Deputy Head of eHealth Suisse, Swiss Competence and Coordination Centre

Carl Leitner (WHO) - Technical Officer –Digital Health and Innovation, World Health Organization

Jürgen Brandstätter (AT) - IHE International Board Member; IHE-Europe Vendor Deputy Co-Chair





Digital Identity in the US and Next Steps

Ryan Howells - Principal, Leavitt Partners; CARIN Alliance


IHE Past, Present and Future  


Information Blocking, Data Usability, and Exchange

Didi Davis - Vice President of Informatics, Conformance and Interoperability, The Sequoia Project


Advancing Interoperability for Emergency Medicine Services (EMS)

Amit Trivedi - Senior Director Informatics and HIT Standards, HIMSS


Closing Remarks: Healthcare Modernization – the Way Forward

Tom Leary - Senior Vice President and Head of Government Relations, HIMSS


IHE USA – Standards Acceleration Program

Day 1: Wednesday, September 14

Day 2: Thursday, September 15

Enabling Digital Transformation in Healthcare:

The Building Blocks

The Connectathon Week Programming continues with a two day standards acceleration program that encourages conversation and dialogue to generate actionable progress. Day 1 of the Standards Acceleration Program provides a thorough overview of the existing building blocks that make up the foundation of national health information exchange, cybersecurity requirements, and the key projects and initiatives that will drive digital transformation across the US. Day 2 begins a dialogue around the future of health IT testing and programs supporting interoperability.

IHE USA’s Standards Acceleration Program - Two days of immersive and interactive interoperability education. Subject matter experts from IHE, HIMSS, and our collaborative partners provide an opportunity to dive into practical interoperability issues that implementers are facing today.

  • How standards and profiles are developed, tested, and implemented.
  • How to leverage existing health IT infrastructure and how IHE profiles support the building blocks for interoperability
  • Understand how data flows the ecosystem, from document based to granular FHIR® based exchanges
  • How to effectively approach cybersecurity and privacy to support interoperability
  • The key national interoperability projects that will advance health exchange in the US: EMS, Maternal and Child Health Interoperability, Collecting and Accessing SDOH Data
  • HIMSS community programs and solutions that help enable the interoperability ecosystem


IHE USA Standards Acceleration Day 1

Wednesday September 14, 2022

The Building Blocks Enabling Digital Transformation in Healthcare


Opening Remarks: Standards Acceleration

Amit Trivedi - Sr. Director Informatics and HIT Standards, HIMSS


The IHE Process and Purpose; Health Information Exchange – Standards and IT Infrastructure

John Moehrke - Health Information Standards Architect; By Light Professional IT Services; IHE ITI Planning Co-Chair; HL7 Security Work Group Co-Chair





What’s Next for Cybersecurity

Lee Kim, JD, CISSP - Senior Principal, Cybersecurity and Privacy, HIMSS; Director, InfraGard Northern Capital Region


Leveraging Building Blocks to Advance Current and Future IHE Projects

Andrea Fourquet - IHE PCC Co-Chair


IHE Office Hours



IHE USA Standards Acceleration Day 2

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Leveraging National Interoperability Building Blocks at the State and Local Level


Opening Remarks Day 2: The Opportunity and Challenges for State Health IT

Evan Dunne - Project Manager IHE USA Cooperative Agreement; Government Relations Specialist, HIMSS


HIMSS Davies Award Program, Modernization and Next Steps

Jonathan French - Sr. Director Informatics, HIMSS


Immunization Integration Program with AIRA, HIMSS and CDC

Damon Ferlazzo - Business Analyst, American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA)


IHE USA – supporting equitable interoperability

Andrea Fourquet - IHE PCC Co-Chair


TEFCA – National Networks and State HIT

Didi Davis - Vice President Interoperability, Sequoia Project; Executive Board Member – Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability


Interoperability Showcase Lunch and Learn

Jody Toser - Sr. Program Mgr – Interoperability Showcase, HIMSS

Jim Collins - Director, Sales, HIMSS


Building Bridges: Michigan HIMSS Chapter Annual Conference and Connectathon

Mary Kratz, Amit Trivedi, Kendrah Baker -


Closing the Loop with State HIT: Opioid and EMS Use Cases

Sue S. Feldman, RN, MEd, PhD - Professor, Director of Graduate Programs in Health Informatics at University of Alabama at Birmingham HIMSS21 Changemaker of the Year

Ben Schooley - Associate Professor, IT & Cybersecurity; Brigham Young University

Gary Parker - Chief Data Officer; Alabama Medicaid Agency


MELD Sandbox and Open Source Tools for Interoperability

Joel Gruenberg - Sr. Director Innovation and Software Engineering; Interoperability Institute


MONAI Open Source Consortium and the IHE USA Bill Majurski IRAP Scholarship

Brad Genereaux -Global Lead, Healthcare Alliances; NVIDIA


IHE Office Hours



Social Event – Brain Bash Trivia Night


Note: Sessions are subject to change as programming is finalized. 


From developers to practitioners to CTIO’s, there’s something valuable for everyone at this year’s IHE Connectathon in Atlanta, Georgia, September 12-16, 2022. Contact for questions. To view IHE Europe's Connectathon programming visit:








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