IHE USA Path to Production: Maternal and Child Health

Maternal Health Is Everyone’s Health


The health status of women around the world, including maternal outcomes, is directly influenced by a myriad of different factors including health equity, socioeconomic status and environmental impact. Maternal mortality has long been a public health concern in the US and the ability to correctly share maternal deaths data has been a challenge, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. 

As described in the HIMSS & REACH report, Developing a Digital Tech-Enabled Maternal Health, “unequal access to information and health services further increases health risks among all women. These factors influence the availability of and access to quality healthcare and preventive services. Maternal mortality in particular, deserves action at every level.” The report recommends that “health systems should collaborate on advocating for maternal health and clinically appropriate uses of telehealth and remote patient monitoring for perinatal care, including advocacy efforts related to maternal health. Additionally, more timely collection, analysis and reporting of maternal health data is imperative.”

IHE USA has hosted the North American Connectathon, one of the largest industry interoperability testing events, for over a decade. IHE USA's Standards Acceleration Programs explore emerging standards and implementation guidance in global, local, and personal health testing and education tracks. And in January 2022, IHE USA is launching the Path to Production - a series of digital events for interoperability stakeholders at all maturity and engagement levels to have the opportunity to marshal resources and help accelerate the development and deployment of standards in critical, under-resourced areas to support better population health outcomes.

For more information and to join the conversation, see below for the link to the IHE USA Path to Production event page!

What to Expect in 2022

IHE USA’s Path to Production series takes place throughout 2022.  Here is more information about upcoming events within the series. 

Phase 1 - Define the Problem

Phase 1 of the Path to Production is identifying the Problem. This event is the starting point for a year-long exploration of specific interoperability use cases focused on maternal health, emergency response and preparedness, and public health data reporting. How do we collectively define the problem that we are working to solve? When we talk about these use cases' interoperability problems, are we all describing the same thing?

Phase 2 - Understand the Impact

We have defined the problem, now what?  The next event in this cycle focuses on understanding the impact of the problem across multiple healthcare industry segments.  What are the impacts on a global level, a local level, a personal level? 

Phase 3 - Define the Business Case

We understand the problem and its impact.  We have some potential solutions to respond.  How do we know if this solution is the correct one?  Or if it is sustainable?  This event focuses on defining the optimal business case for the solution based on the market factors to which it is responding.

Phase 4 – Time to Build

Solution and business case in hand, it is time to get to work.  This event brings public and private developers together to present prototypes, iterate with their clinical and policy maker colleagues, and get those solutions ready for interoperability testing at the upcoming IHE North American Connectathon.

Phase 5 - Time to Test

We’ve built our solution, now its time to test it with others to see if they can integrate.  The IHE North American Connectathon is the largest, longest running interoperability testing event, and brings unmatched scale of test partner management to ensure that your solution is tested to ensure it integrates across all the other technologies it interacts with to solve the problem.

Phase 6 - Time to Demonstrate

We started the year defining the problem, and by the end of the year we have built and tested a solution.  Now it is time to bring our solution to the marketplace.  The final event in IHE’s year-long Path to Production cycle, attendees will work to demonstrate their solution and work with clinical partners to pilot the implementation of their solution.


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